Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the questions we get asked the most!

  • What's the difference between SGA and Class Officers?

Student Government takes positive actions that will affect the entire school. Class Officers focus on things that will positively affect their own grade level. For example, officers would focus on fundraisers and the money primarily go to their grade. Whereas for SGA, we focus on things like school-wide weekly events, Pi day, proposals, and more.

  • What does SGA do?

SGA is designed to represent the entire student body and allow all students to express their opinions and concerns. SGA takes a stand and addresses all concerns, issues, etc. that the student body may have. We also want to encourage school spirit and plan fun events throughout the school year.

  • How does SGA propose ideas?

When SGA members think of an idea it is brought to the team and we discuss if the majority of the student body would like this implemented. We take a vote and if the idea passes we create a plan to further the idea to make it happen.

  • How can students propose an idea?

Students can propose an idea by creating a proposal that will be presented to the SGA, and then hopefully to administration. Students can fill out the "Get In Touch" form if you would like to get in touch with SGA.

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