Past Events

SGA Past Events

2021-22 School Year

Highschool Improvements

Life skills event

Coming September 2021

SGA LOGO Contest

SGA Logo Contest Winner - Sophia Stevenson

Pi Celebration Week!

Pi Celebration Highlights.

Keep the Neaaat Spirit!

Kindness Notes

SGA x FRC collaborated on an initiative to spread kindness.

Art Auction

Send In Your Amazing Art! SGA's Art Auction During Expo week February 15th - 19th!

Black History Trivia Event

SGA hosted a black history trivia event!

Anti-Bullying Day

We hosted a day to discuss bullying.

Holiday Spirit Week

SGA Hosted Winter Spirit Week

Teacher Christmas Letters

SGA's Thankful Letters For NEAAAT Staff.

Goodie Baskets for First Responders

Donated supplies to military personnel.

Thankfulness Month

Thankful advisory activity.

Letter donation

We donated inspirational cards to senior citizens.

Food Drive

SGA hosted a food drive!

Fall spirit week

SGA hosted a Fall Spirit Week!

Mental Health Week

SGA has been talking about doing many things, but this year we decided to have our first event be Mental Health Week! The week included informative discussion, guest speakers, videos and more!

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